About me

Pretty OK design for over 10 years

Helping businesses to leverage design effortlessly. I work fast without sacrificing quality one bit.

Investigating the relationship of successful design and business performance.

Design, impact, value.


Sami Surakka
Tuulikalliontie 77
37370 Vesilahti
+358 50 433 7843
linkedin.com/in/samisurakka sami@bumblebee.fi samisurakka.com bumblebee.fi


+10 years


11/2022 — Present

Design Consultant

Working as a Principal Designer for a product family design system and a wellbeing product and as a UX designer for AI powered healthcare product.

Key outcomes & activities:

  • Directed, designed and participated to the development of a product family Design System
  • Designed and shipped multiple UI features for a wellbeing product and an AI powered healthcare product
  • Participated to UX studies and testing of the products.

Fun extras

  • Animation
  • Logo design
  • Branding.


10/2022 — 12/2022

Design Consultant

Working as a Principal Designer for a product platform feature team.

Key outcomes & activities:

  • Contributions to existing design system
  • Mentoring a junior UX designer
  • Team-wide research effort initiation
  • Conducting UX research
  • Designing and shipping features for complex process management.

Alpha design partners

05/2021 — Present

Design Consultant

Working as a Designer and Design Lead in the projects of Alpha Design Partners.

Bumblebee Design

08/2020 — Present


Working as a Principal Designer.

Key outcomes & activities:

  • Providing design services for other companies
  • Designing and launching a new service platform for providing design services as a subscription.

Insta (Formerly Intopalo) Digital

07/2019 — 09/2021

Design Consultant

Working as a Design Lead and UX Designer both internally and for customers.

Key outcomes & activities:

  • Acting as a Design lead for a team of 6 designers since 04/2021
  • Helping in facilitating a design approach already in sales phase
  • Successful facilitation of design sprints and agile design projects.

Insta Response (Acquired by Cinia)

03/2015 — 07/2019

UX Lead

Working as the UX Lead and UX Designer for the Insta Response product family used in Finnish Emergency Centers nation-wide, serving hundreds of calls of genuine distress every day.

Key outcomes & activities:

  • Growing the UX team from 1 to 3
  • Mentoring and training developers to act as design ambassadors
  • Leading and coordinating UX research efforts
  • Modernizing the design tools and operations.

Koodit ja Koneet

07/2012 — Present

Partner, Designer

Sales, creative direction, front-end development.

Other relevant

2009 — 2014

Demola, UX Designer (2014).

Tampere Universities, Research assistant (2009 — 2013).


Tampere University

2019 — Present


Research topic: Return on Investment of User Experience.


2016 — 2017

Master of Science (technology)

Major: Software engineering.

Minor: Data technologies.


2008 — 2016

Bachelor of Science (technology)

Major: Human-centered design.

Minor: Software engineering.


Webflow 101

Issued 04/2024

Issuer: Webflow

Lean Service Creation

Issued 09/2019

Issuer: Futurice

Credential Id: OPENBADGEPASSPORT-164179


Issued 07/2018

Issuer: IDEO.org

Credential Id: 3385-1627039